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shane strassberg

Hello World.

I'm a life-long NY'er (endangered species) who has always been curious about people, culture, and technology.

I'm a designer and researcher with master degrees in Anthropology and Interaction Design.

As a former Marine, I am self-motivated and always looking for a challenge.

Things I really care about: Humans 👫, Plants 🌾, Cats 🐱, Dogs 🐶, Basketball 🏀, Earth 🌍, Space 👽.

If you need help with research to better understand a problem or learn more about your human users, and need wireframes and prototypes generated, then hit the button below to get started!




Sothebys logo for Salesroom screen 3000x2250.jpg


Lead UX Design on an internal tool that supported Sotheby's business function from consignment to auction of artwork, furniture, and other types of valuable objects.  A complex project with many stakeholders and users. Contact me to review.

nyc DVS

We partnered with the newly created NYC Dept. of Veteran Services to help them establish their brand presence and to support their mission to help veterans young and old get the benefits they earned and deserved.


An app to help pickup basketball players discover new courts and competition or just to know if there are people playing at their favorite court in real-time. 




Decibel is a traveling exhibition of immersive audio scenarios that tell real stories from women highlighting implicit gender bias, sexism, the wage gap, and other issues from a "fly-on-the-wall" perspective. It also provides tools for concrete actions for men to become better allies for women and gender equality.


Upcycle is a fast and convenient trade-in service for all of your unwanted electronics that meets people at their point of need and rewards recycling habits. It makes e-waste recycling simple and accessible to the public. 

Meow: mens empathy of women

MEOW is a concept project that seeks to flip the power dynamic of catcalling and support equality by empowering women and bringing more awareness to men of this daily problem women face when they are simply walking in public.



WeWork - Polaris

Polaris is a enterprise research tool designed to make WeWork a better listening organization. Through qualitative research with WeWork members, I recorded interviews by phone, video chat, or in-person. Then using Airtable, I organized the content into snippets called "nuggets." Polaris allows any WeWork employee to search these nuggets to identify member painpoints and needs. 

linknyc safe city

Partnering with LinkNYC, we were asked to research and design an innovative solution for a neighborhood where their Wi-Fi kiosks would be replacing telephone booths.  We designed a solution that would allow people in danger to connect to the closest LinkNYC and send a distress message over the large screens to get the attention of people nearby who might be able to help.

npr: in our shoes vr 

In Our Shoes is an immersive first person storytelling platform that allows users to step into the middle of a story to gain vivid insights about people who live drastically different lives. Designed for mobile VR and the Google cardboard platform, users can immerse themselves in a series of human-interest stories created by NPR. 



how I like to work

I enjoy working with diverse groups of people who are excited to get to work in the morning because they love what they are doing. I believe that collaboration is a shared value not only between people but also between organizations because open source information is the future for business and humanity. I can work independently, but also excel when working with a small team of dedicated individuals. I bring focus and spirited energy wherever I go.



sotheby's, ux designer

New York City, October 2017 - September 2018

• Lead designer for enterprise tool that supports Sotheby’s business from client consignment to auction.

• Create UI flows, build empathy maps, journey maps, and user story maps.

• Conduct qualitative research to discover new insights and unmet needs to help solve user problems. 

• Perform usability tests to determine strengths and weakness of designs.

• Help establish and grow our Design Language System (DLS).

• Facilitate Design Sprint workshops to generate innovative solutions and build team cohesion.

• Educates non-design stakeholders and users within company about best practices, design thinking and Lean UX.

freelance, ux designer/researcher

New York City, May 2017 - September 2017

• Perform Quality Assurance and design consultancy for content team. 

• Designed portfolio website for Veteran-owned Service Design company.

• Facilitated a user-testing workshop at The Startup Institute.

wework, ux researcher

New York City, April 2016 - October 2016

• Built a qualitative research library interviewing nearly 500 members and stakeholders that became an internal company wide tool used by hundreds of employees to improve the user experience.

• Created holistic experiences for members through physical spaces, digital products, and service design.

• Developed taxonomy for interview content and subjects for easier searchability.

Maxpoint, jr. visual designer

New York City, June 2015 - January 2016

• Conceptualize, refine, and implement visual designs for enterprise products.

• Established the UI pattern library to improve design efficiency and standards.

• Conducted quality assurance reviews to keep projects on schedule before handing off to developers.

NY State Supreme Court, Court Officer

New York City, October 2009 - June 2015

• Protect and serve lawyers, judges, civilians and defendants in thousands of cases over five years.

• Resolved conflicts by treating individuals with respect and empathy.

US Marine Corp, Sergeant, Amphibious Assault Crew Chief

Camp Pendleton, October 2003 - October 2007

• Supervised and delegated authority to 30+ Marines at a time.

• Responsible for maintenance and operability of $2.5 million amphibious assault vehicle.

• Problem-solved in high stress conditions to ensure safety of team over hundreds of missions.

• Facilitated recruitment and evaluation of Iraqi civilians for Iraqi National Police.


Design Tools

Core Skills



School of visual arts, new york city

Graduated May 2017


hunter college, new york city

Graduated May 2015


general assembly, new york city


September 2014


college of mt. st. vincent, riverdale, ny

Graduated May 2003


Project MEOW showcased in NYC Design
Week 2016 show "Judge Me.”

Project UpCycle showcased in NYC Design
Week 2017 show “Power Me.”

Panel Speaker for UN Women,
Commission on the Status of Women:
Boys and Young Men for Gender Justice
and Social Change